Tubular furniture makes today's decor

Tubular furniture makes today's decor

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Notice to the nostalgic! Tubular furniture, which used to be found in schools and boarding schools, marks their return to our interiors! The latter were born in the 1920s, a period during which design and modernism officially saw the light of day, notably thanks to the German Marcel Breuer and his armchair in bent steel. Today, they are available for all parts. Demonstration. Tubular furniture finds its place everywhere! Easy to slip with their contemporary lines, they are particularly pleasant in modern interiors. In the bedroom, these steel tubes invite themselves on the bed frame in a sober or flashy version. Young and old will love the idea! In the living room, they have fun with the coffee tables or the TV furniture. Finally, in the kitchen and the dining room, it is in the form of chairs or table that they are exposed. To avoid the wrong note at home, be careful to integrate them sparingly! Avoid the total look and favor the mix and match which gives the possibility of having fun with the times and the forms. In an interior with an industrial look, dare them with brown leather sofas and rough wooden furniture. On the contrary, in a room with a contemporary look, combine them with designer armchairs in mouse gray fabric and graphic rugs. To also access this trend, discover our selection of favorite tubular furniture.
1. The Vosges school chair in beech, € 71.90 at Setam / 2. The Epsylon dining table, € 299 at Alinéa / 3. The Hettie coffee table, € 59.56 at La Redoute Interiors / 4. The buffet in Epsylon steel, € 649 at Alinéa / 5. The vintage TWIST TV cabinet, € 149.90 at Maisons du Monde / 6. The Janik tubular frame bed, € 112 at La Redoute Interiors / 7. The industrial leather and metal chair brown WATERLOO, € 149.90 at Maisons du Monde


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