DIY gift: small homemade pocket notebooks

DIY gift: small homemade pocket notebooks

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Here is an idea of ​​small homemade gifts quite nice ... I am thinking in particular of Mother's Day which is fast approaching where the opportunity will present itself to make with your little hands pretty gifts made with love ... Anyway, if like me, you are a fondue of small notebooks of all kinds, that you collect them and carry everywhere with you then you should love to make these notebooks with retro closure, like match case, to slide in all your pockets! It's really easy to do so let's take a look now at what you need to get started: - lightly cardboard paper (minimum 125g) - simple sheets to cut - a pencil, a ruler and a news: 739781 cutter or a paper cutter - masking tape, news: 739845 adhesive cloth or other element of dressing of your notebook - a stapler and its staples


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