Create Feng Shui harmony

Create Feng Shui harmony

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Agnès Dumanget is a Feng Shui consultant. In Digne-les-Bains, she created the company "Agnès Dumanget Feng Shui consulting". She also published “Living your Feng Shui on a daily basis” with Trajectoire editions. Interview by Nadège Monschau

In a Feng Shui interior, what are the essential decorative elements?

By a judicious arrangement of the living environment, Feng Shui achieves balance. To obtain this harmony, it is necessary to ensure that the five elements present in the universe are represented in the house. Namely: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. All these elements are associated with symbols and will play on certain aspects of the life of the inhabitants. At home, it is therefore necessary to have plants (wood element), which will influence growth and health, fountains (water element), which will represent the financial flow, and candles (fire element), with energizing properties. For the earth element, one can for example use crystal objects. Or quite simply small crystals (jade, agate ...), associated with serenity and knowledge: all are favorable because thanks to their facets, they catch the light and distribute the energy. Finally, the metal element, which brings stability, can be embodied in Moroccan trays, wrought iron furniture, chimes ... Note also: each of its elements is associated with a shape and a range of colors, which also allows them to be present in its interior in a roundabout way. Wood is thus symbolized by the vertical rectangle and the green or brown tones. One can for example signify its presence thanks to the shape of a carpet or a sofa or thanks to the chocolate stripes of a curtain. The metal, it is evoked through the round turns and the white, gray, golden and silver shades. For the earth, we will opt for square objects, like porcelain boxes, and pastel, yellow, orange, pink or beige shades. The fire element is found in triangular or pyramidal shapes, such as certain Moroccan lamps, and in bright tones, red, fuchsia, raspberry ... Finally, water is associated with blue and black, as well as any wavy object, like a relax chair

Can these Feng Shui items be placed anywhere in the house?

Not at all. Otherwise, they lose all their effects. Only a professional can precisely dispose of all these tools so that they become energy activators. The principle: position yourself in the center of the house with a compass to identify its major geographic orientations. Then repeat the operation in each room. Because to be effective, each element must be positioned in a given direction: water in the North, fire in the South, wood in the East or South-east, earth in the North-East or South-West , and metal to the west or northwest. But it is necessary that a practitioner make an expertise to define the most suitable places for each object. Especially since all of these elements are interacting. They support or annihilate each other: fire is nourished by wood and destroyed by water, which is fed by metal and destroyed by earth, which is nourished by fire and destroyed by wood, which is nourished by water and destroyed by metal, which is nourished by earth and destroyed by fire. Care must therefore be taken not to put these objects in contradiction. On the other hand, a few simple rules can be applied by everyone, such as having rose quartz in a conjugal room to instill love, crystal cups in an office to promote concentration, chimes near a front door , in a long corridor or a staircase to slow down the circulation of energies… Conversely, you should always avoid installing a fountain, or any other symbol of water, in a bedroom.

Are there items to banish from the house?

Yes. All those who refer to symbols of aggressiveness and destruction, such as sabers, paintings of battles, stuffed animals ... Are also prohibited all plants that bite or hurt, such as those of the family of yuccas or cacti, as well as bonsai, whose growth has been curbed, and dried flowers, which represent death. Also avoid chipped or broken objects. You should also not have a mirror facing a front door, because it will return the energy outside the house. The same object, hung in a bedroom, can be very harmful for sleep. If it reflects the conjugal bed, it can even induce problems of infidelity… More info