4 grandmother's tips for unclogging a sink

4 grandmother's tips for unclogging a sink

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Tip # 1: unclog a sink with hot water

If you find yourself struggling with a clogged sink and that you do not have on hand any commercial chemical or any utensil, you will have to do with the means at hand. Rest assured: there is a super simple method that allows you to unclog a sink in most cases, and that only requires boiling water!

Boil 1 liter of water in a saucepan and pour everything directly into the drain hole of your sink. The heat will soften the items that clog your sink, and the plug should quickly drain.

Tip # 2: come to grips with a butcher's sink with baking soda

You thought the baking soda Was it only useful for making your bathroom taps shine or whitening your youngest's teeth? No! In a kitchen or bathroom, it can also be used to unclog a sink in two steps three movements. So if the boiling water trick didn't work and your sink is still clogged, here's how to do it:

  • Take a tall glass, and fill it with white vinegar.
  • Add a tablespoon of coarse salt, and a tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Mix everything, then pour and leave to act for 10 minutes in your sink.
  • Rinse by running very hot water.

The chemical reaction generated by the mixture White vinegar-baking soda-coarse salt should be powerful enough for the plug in your sink to disappear.

Tip 3: Use a garden hose to remove a sink plug

If your sink is clogged and you don't have white vinegar or baking soda on hand, know that you can remove a plug in a sink with a simple garden hose. To do this, start by pushing your garden hose down the drain of your clogged sink. Then turn on the water in the hose and let it flow to destroy the plug. If that is not enough, you can also go back and forth with the hose: the plug should not resist!

Warning: if the pipe is very clogged, you risk putting water everywhere, so be careful when you turn on your tap ...

Tip # 4: make a homemade ferret to unclog a sink

A ferret, this is a tool that can prove to be very effective in the event of a clogged sink ... but on condition that you have one on hand! If not, don't worry, you can make it yourself with a simple iron hanger: unfold the hanger, create a hook on one side and a handle on the other. Once ready, tackle the cork!

Bonus tip: how to prevent your pipes from clogging?

To avoid having to unclog your sink in disaster every 2 months, know that by pouring weekly into your pipes 2 liters of boiling water decorated with 6 tablespoons of coarse salt, you will protect them from plugs ... and you also avoid many worries!